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Sustainable Home Renovation Ideas for 2022

Through home renovation, you can bring your home up to speed with your lifestyle. Many homeowners in Seattle don’t realize the many options they have to renovate and upgrade their homes to be more contemporary, modern, and sustainable. 

As the world returns to some form of normalcy, homeowners look to ensure their homes can stand up to the tests of the time. This might include having extra space, sustainable features and appliances, and improving the performance and layout of the home. 

Let’s look at a few options. 

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3 Simple Sustainable Home Renovations To Get You Started

Let’s begin with more accessible home renovations that people can undertake to begin a road to better sustainable living. It doesn’t always mean tearing up the walls and building entire new rooms. It can start small and help you build some momentum until you are ready for bigger commitments. 

#1 Begin with energy-efficient lighting 

Installing new fixtures and new light bulbs can make a great difference to how well your home is lit and how you make better use of light when it is most necessary to do so. 

#2 Upgrade and seal windows and doors 

This is step 1 to working your way towards a more energy-efficient home. It can be a simple fix that in and of itself corrects a large portion of your wasted energy every day. 

#3 Install skylights 

This is a relatively easy way to improve the natural lighting in your home. Installing a skylight not only adds an aesthetic element but also provides you with a way to save on energy bills by improving the flow of natural lighting into the home. 

Other Sustainable Renovations to Take Your Home to the Next Level

If you are looking for more involved structural renovations, there are a lot of ways to go about it.  Renovations that improve the performance of your home can often be energy efficient or sustainable. For example:

Multi-functional rooms

Improving rooms to be multi-functional. With the pandemic, many kitchens turned to study rooms and many spare bedrooms were converted into offices. If you’re looking to add space, tear down a wall, or erect a way to create multi-purpose spaces, this can improve the layout of your home to better fit your lifestyle. 

Outdoor Spaces

In the past few years, people have reawakened their love for the outdoors and built a newfound appreciation for creating a home that is infused and inspired by nature. One way to do this is by building spaces outdoors with natural materials.

New Kitchen Configurations

In recent years, the kitchen has also gone through its fair share of restructuring. People have found that kitchens with more sitting spaces, breakfast nooks, and kitchen islands, can be a great way to create a multi-functional space right in the middle of the heart of the home. People are improving their kitchen configurations to fit this idea. 

The Big Three Must-Haves for Home Improvement in 2022

According to people in the industry, in order to get through some renovations in the year of 2022, you will need to harness these three major skills and components:

  • Patience: People have already started noticing the effects of inflation on the economy. For many projects and commodities, this means that there is a limited supply of products. That, coupled with supply chain shortages and labor shortages, might mean that there will be delays in getting the materials you need to complete your project. With added delays or supply shortages, it might also require people to become more flexible about what they want and when they want it done. 
  • Strategy: Because you are dealing with a lot of unknown or expected delays, it’s good to better strategize about how to approach some of these home projects. Consider what you might need first and how it might need to get done. Work extra time into your plans so that you are able to work on different projects at the same time, if needed. 
  • Cash: It’s no secret that prices have gone up on almost everything. From necessary times like milk to raw materials for building and construction. It’s good to be ready to go when materials and contractors open up. Having cash in hand is helpful and helps you be less dependent on the whims of lending institutions. 

The year 2022 has residual spillage from the previous two pandemic years. Whether it’s some snags in the supply chain or a slow-down of orders, shipments, or lack of materials, the world of home renovation still has its challenges. Experts suggest that home renovation trends will vary but will continue along similar pre-pandemic lines.

With a Little Planning, 2022 Can Be the Year for Your New Home Renovations

So while there might be some new hiccups to contend with, the market for home renovation in Seattle is still strong. At Heartwood Homes, we specialize in helping people rethink the way their spaces function to create more sustainable and high-performing spaces. 

Want to learn more about our unique sustainable focus on custom homes and renovations? Call Heartwood Homes today. 

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