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ADU Contractor in Seattle

Are you looking for an innovative way to add more space to your home? Fortunately, Heartwood Builders can help you expand your living space without sacrificing your personal privacy. Building an attached accessory dwelling unit (AADU) or detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU) is an excellent way to accommodate visitors or give college-aged kids or elderly parents to live within close proximity without giving up their personal space.

Speak to a Heartwood ADU contractor in Seattle online or call (206) 632-0310 today to learn more! 

Our Passion for Sustainable AADU and DADUs

Heartwood Builders is committed to uplifting our rich environmental landscape by building with sustainability in mind. Not only do we build healthier homes to raise families, but as an ADU contractor in Seattle, we also help homeowners build sustainable AADUs and DADUs to support their families for years to come without sacrificing space or privacy. 

Heartwood Builders is proud to utilize new, sustainable, or recycled materials, methods, and technology to ensure that your home will withstand the test of time.

What is an ADU?

An ADU is an “Additional Dwelling Unit,” a self-contained living space on a property with an existing main housing unit. ADUs are often dubbed secondary housing units and can be apartments, cottages, or small residential units. They cannot be sold separately from the main house and must provide living, sleeping, cooking, and bathroom facilities. ADUs often house aging parents or young adults looking to create a separate, independent space while still living “at home.”

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Types of ADUs We Build

Our Seattle ADU contractor at Heartwood Builders can construct various additional dwelling units on your existing lot. Common ADU types include:

  • Backyard cottages
  • Mother-in-Law suites
  • Generate income spaces (DADU or AADU) for Airbnbs or short-term leases
  • Basement ADUs
  • Attached ADUs

Benefits of Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit

If you’re wondering, is adding a secondary living unit on my property worth it? Consider some of these key benefits:

  1. Affordable Family and Guest Accommodations: An additional living space can create a cozy, independent atmosphere if you have frequent guests.
  2. Increased Home Value: If you plan on selling your home down the line, ADUs can help increase your home’s value.
  3. Additional Income: You can rent an AADU or DADU for short-term leases or as an Airbnb to support your family or pay your mortgage.
  4. Sustainable Development: ADUs require fewer resources and less land than single-family housing options. Similarly, these smaller spaces require less energy to heat and cool, which keeps utility costs down and reduces emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an ADU in Seattle?

On average, an ADU can cost between $125,000 to $350,000 to build. However, the price ranges depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Do ADUs add value to a home?

Yes! A home with an ADU is generally priced 35% higher than one without an ADU. This is because ADUs offer additional spaces and potentially a secondary income if you decide to rent them out.

Can you rent out an ADU in Seattle?

The short answer is yes—if you are the primary resident of the main house or ADU for at least six months of the year. According to the government of Seattle, you cannot rent out both the main house and the ADU. It has to be one or the other.

How many people can live in an accessory dwelling unit?

According to AIA Seattle, an ADU can house up to 8 unrelated people in a single-family zone with an AADU or DADU.

How many ADUs can you build on a single lot?

According to the Government of Vancouver, Washington, you can only build one ADU within each family’s resilience. 

How long does it take to build an ADU?

The length of an ADU varies depending on its size and complexity; however, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. 

What circumstances may delay a project?

If an ADU project is delayed, it’s generally due to severe weather, mid-project changes, material availability, or permits.

Do you need permits to build an ADU?

Yes. If you’re adding an ADU to an existing house or building a detached unit, you’ll need a construction addition or alteration permit. To legalize an existing ADU unit, you’ll need a construction permit to establish use. Additionally, you may need to apply for electrical service changes or new services from Seattle City Light. However, our ADU contractors at Heartwood Builder can assist with all necessary permits to ensure your new structure meets Seattle’s regulations.

ADU Contractor in Seattle

At Heartwood Builders, we’re passionate about helping Seattle homeowners expand their living spaces in a sustainable way. ADUs and DADUs offer independence and increased home value, adding a unique flair to existing homes. Make the most of your space and call our ADU contractor at (206) 632-0310 today to schedule an appointment or consultation!

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