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Bathroom Remodel in Seattle

Creating Your Bathroom Oasis

Bathroom remodeling services can take your entire home to the next level. Aside from the bedroom, your bathroom is a place where you can relax and be yourself. That’s why it’s so important to have a bathroom that is inviting and caters to you.

At Heartwood Builders in Seattle, we understand how important a great bathroom is, which is why we regularly remodel bathrooms, from facelifts to full, intricate suites. With a bathroom remodel, the considerations are much different than other rooms, but we take the same comprehensive approach to ensure you’re satisfied with your remodel.

Get started on designing your bathroom remodel by contacting our Seattle remodeling contractor online or call (206) 632-0310 today!

Our Environmental Focus and Your Bathroom Remodel

Since Seattle boasts some of the most expensive water in the nation, our Seattle bathroom remodel contractors always plan our remodels with efficiency in mind. We believe that form and function can work in harmony and that philosophy is apparent in our bathroom design. Water-saving bathtubs, low-flow showerheads, efficient toilets, and a number of other changes can reduce water usage by 30 to 60 percent or more! While that certainly keeps your water bill down, it also helps reduce the strain on Seattle’s water supply and environment.

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Popular Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

In addition to installing water-efficient fixtures, you can expect a full range of changes, from flooring to lighting. The importance of personalization in a Seattle bathroom remodel can’t be overstated—that’s why our bathroom remodel contractors make sure our clients know all of the possibilities before we draft the final design.

New Counter Tops​

People often underestimate how a new countertop can change the look of a room. Stylish countertops are a great way to add character to your bathroom space.


Depending on the layout of your current bathroom, we can offer an expansion of your bathroom space to fulfill your needs.

Artistic Tile

Tile along your bathroom walls, like countertops, can vastly improve the look of your bathroom with relatively little cost.

New Paint​

Often, a new paint job is one of the quickest ways to change the mood during a bathroom remodel. Cool colors, especially, are a great way to foster a relaxing environment.

bathroom remodeling in seattle

How We Ensure Your Bathroom Fits Your Needs

When you contact us for a new bathroom remodel in Seattle, we’ll ask you a number of questions about your current bathroom and what you’d like changed or updated. Our Seattle remodeling contractors will design a bathroom based on your new needs, what you’ll need in the future, and the overall style you’ll be looking for. After we see your current bathroom in person, we can give you an estimate and final draft of your new bathroom’s design.

As we begin construction, we’ll still run ideas by you, keeping the construction free-flowing and dynamic. As we finish your bathroom remodel, we’ll walk you through all the changes in detail so you can best care for your new bathroom. In the years following the remodel, our home builder staff will follow up to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your Seattle bathroom remodel and the build quality.

Reimagine Your Bathroom With Heartwood Builders

For exceptional bathroom remodeling, trust the bathroom remodel contractors at Heartwood Builders. Our team can make any bathroom vision a reality, with a focus on quality and on-time construction. 

Contact us online or call (206) 632-0310 to start re-imagining your bathroom with the best remodeling contractor in Seattle!


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