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Commercial Construction in Seattle

Expert Building Services for Your Business

As the city of Seattle grows, so do the industries and businesses that support the community and drive change. From iconic restaurants and tourist hotspots to engineering and tech companies, the diversity of business and commerce is what makes Seattle what it is today.

At Heartwood Builders, we understand that the need for sustainability-conscious construction is not limited to the residential sector. That’s why we offer commercial construction services to the greater Seattle area!

For business owners, sustainable construction offers three major advantages: lessened environmental impact, striking and unique aesthetics, and savings for your bottom line. For years, we’ve provided the businesses in Seattle with beautiful, sustainable construction, and we’d love to do the same for your business.

Our Commercial Construction Process

Just like our residential construction, our commercial construction process is split into three main sections: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction. In pre-construction, our designers and architects collaborate with you to refine and finalize your vision for your business. We obtain the permits, and give you an estimate of the total cost of the project, whether it’s a remodel or new construction.

 In the construction phase, our expert team of engineers and construction staff will craft your remodel or new construction based on your designs. Finally, the post-construction phase consists of putting the final touches on your business and verifying that every aspect of the construction is to your liking. However, we maintain our relationship long after we finish construction. 

We make it a point to maintain and preserve our projects and keep our customers in the Heartwood family happy in the years following construction.

How Our Sustainable Building Impacts Your Business

When you choose Heartwood for your construction project, you’re making an investment in your business, your customers, and the environment. For your business, inspired and expressive designs coupled with a sustainable focus make your business stand out and saves you thousands in energy costs.

For customers, they enjoy a healthier, more functional environment that will make them want to revisit your business and product. The diverse Seattle environment will also benefit, as reduced energy use will put a less long-term strain on our ecosystem and serve as inspiration for others.

For our staff, we see sustainable commercial construction as the best path forward for the city of Seattle, and the world as a whole.

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Choose Heartwood Builders For Your Commercial Construction Project

At Heartwood Builders, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for wonderful businesses across the Seattle area. For all of our staff, the opportunity to build and renovate structures and create lasting relationships with commercial and residential customers drives us to continue to improve and grow. We put our all into each project and would love to do the same for your new construction or remodel. Contact us today to transform your business with sustainable construction!

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