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New Construction Homes In Seattle

Your Sustainable Home, Your Way

At Heartwood Builders, we specialize in crafting new construction homes in Seattle for people who’d like a home that fits their needs and desires. For most people, a home will be one of the biggest and most important purchases they’ll ever make. You have to consider price, location, access to schools, stores, parks, and a whole host of other factors.

Unfortunately, most new construction homes are made using a few templates, designed to accommodate most people and most lifestyles. This still leaves out a massive amount of people who don’t like what is offered. Our new construction homes in Seattle allow for a clean slate, where the free flow of ideas can produce the most beautiful and customized creations. After all, your home is your sanctuary—it should be built around you.

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Sustainable Construction — Our Environmental Focus

The great city of Seattle and the surrounding area boasts some of the most scenic views in the U.S. Luscious greenery with red cedar and maple trees fill the lungs of the city, while Elliot Bay and the Atlantic provide calming views and fresh seafood for residents. In fact, Seattle’s nature is a huge tourist attraction, yet it often is taken for granted.

Our mission at Heartwood Builders is to bring back the focus on the environment with our new construction homes in Seattle; every step in our construction process is focused on minimizing our impact on our environment. Through sustainable construction, we try to do our part to keep Seattle beautiful and healthy. Our Master Builders are long-term members of the Built Green program and have certified many projects.

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The Heartwood Home Building Process

A great home is built with care from the ground up, and we’ve perfected our process around that fact. Our process for new construction homes can be broken down into three parts: pre-construction and design, construction, and finalization services. While we break it down into those three categories, the whole process is smooth and free-flowing.

Here’s what you can expect from our custom home builder process:

Pre-Construction: Design and Planning For Your Home

For all of our construction services, we have a pre-construction phase where we plan everything about the construction process. Our partner architects and designers will sit with you and discuss the location, interior, exterior, energy needs, and every other detail about your new home.

Our architects, engineers, and designers will examine the feasibility, planning, and budgeting of the total project so you know how the entire process will unfold. We also handle permits for our new construction homes in Seattle, too. We are pre-qualified with many of the Banking Institutions in the area, so the loan process can be much simpler. So you can sit back and watch us build your home.

Home Construction: Turning Ideas Into Reality

Once you’re satisfied with every part of the pre-construction process, we can start constructing your new home. Our construction staff has decades of experience in new construction homes in Seattle, with a shared vision of a sustainable Seattle. To that end, we make every effort to create the most efficient, planet-conscious homes we possibly can.

From the exterior to the HVAC, every part of your home is built with sustainability, quality, and comfort in mind. The start of construction doesn’t mean the end of the collaboration, though—we’ll be in constant contact with you with updates and suggestions along the way.

Finalization: Completing Your New Home Construction

When your home is complete, our Seattle home builder team will walk you through everything you’ll need to know about the home and we create an Owners Manual for all of the fixtures and systems in the home. We want the new construction homes we build to stand the test of time as much as our homeowners, so we give you all the tools you need to keep your home in great condition.

Our relationship doesn’t end when we hand you the keys, though. We work with expert contractors to perform inspections and routine maintenance as well. Our team of construction and remodeling contractor team is all professionals who know the unique needs of each custom home.

You’ll also become part of the Heartwood family, a group of homeowners and builders dedicated to a sustainable Seattle. Our staff has built relationships all across Seattle through our hard work and client-centric focus, and we’re always looking to grow our family.

Learn more by contacting our Seattle home builder team online or calling (206) 632-0310 today!

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Keeping Seattle Green Through Technology

Through years of education and experience, we’ve mastered the use of green, healthy technologies. For most homebuilders, creating an environmentally friendly home simply means good insulation and smart appliances. While that is a start, our home builder team aims to make every aspect of our new construction homes in Seattle friendly for the environment. We’ve used “cool roofs” that use special paint and tiles to reflect heat, and solar paneling to harness sunlight for your home.

We orient windows to take in the most sunlight, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Biodegradable material has been a reliable way to limit the accumulation of waste in the ecosystem, and water-efficient fixtures and infrastructure make a huge difference in long-term water usage. As the number of our Heartwood custom homes grows, we’re always looking for new strategies and tech to use for your benefit and Seattle’s.

How Our New Construction Homes Help Our City

In the fight for a sustainable future, it can be easy to feel as if your decisions won’t matter. In an area home to 1.4 million people, what do a few green homes do? For years, we’ve heard all the arguments against green home design but they simply aren’t true. On a financial, environmental, and health level, our Seattle custom homes does wonders for the city.

Long-Term Financial Savings

It’s no secret that Seattle is one of the most expensive places to live. With utility bills well over the national averages and recent improvements to infrastructure, it seems like monthly bills won’t stop rising. With Heartwood’s new construction homes in Seattle, the use of these resources can be reduced dramatically, meaning more money stays in your pocket.

Using technology like solar panels or Structural Insulated Panels will increase those savings, and will eventually be revenue for you! Our partners have decades of experience in their crafts and can provide the most efficient and affordable installation of HVAC, plumbing, solar panels, and more.

Impact On the Seattle Ecosystem

While the financial savings are a definite benefit, the environmental savings are another significant benefit of a Heartwood home. The average Washington home uses more water and electricity than the national average, which drains the resources of the environment.

Each home, on average, uses well over 1000 kWh of electricity and several thousand gallons of water. Cutting down the need for these resources each month would result in incredible long-term savings for the Pacific Northwest and the planet at large. Our new construction homes in Seattle are designed to have low energy usage, which puts less strain on the city as a whole.

Health Conscious Construction For A Healthy Family

Perhaps the most important factor for our customers is the benefit to their family’s health as a result of our green construction efforts. While conventional construction has improved over time, there are still some practices and materials used that aren’t healthy in the short or long term.

Substances like lead, mercury, and certain flame retardants are still used frequently, though they pose a clear risk to homeowners. At Heartwood, our Seattle home builder team takes care to eliminate any materials harmful to your home or to the environment around it.

Get Started On Your New Heartwood Home Today!

For decades of home building expertise, trust our staff at Heartwood Builders to build the home of your dreams. In our creative, sustainability-focused design process, we create the best possible design for your needs, and our partners use their unique skills to ensure every aspect of your home is top quality.

Interested in our work in the Greater Seattle area? Check out our gallery to see some of our award-winning new construction homes and remodels!

Give us a call at (206) 632-0310, message us online, or visit our office to get your ideas onto the drawing board for our Heartwood custom homes in Seattle!

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