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Seattle Home Addition Contractor

As time passes, your needs and wants change, too. Whether that’s a shift from in-person to remote work or a growing family—a home that once seemed like the perfect fit may not be as flexible to your needs today. But instead of scouring the real estate market, turn to our experienced home addition contractors in Seattle for sustainable solutions!

At Heartwood Builders, we work with homeowners in Washington to transform their homes to meet their current demands. From home office additions to second or third bathrooms, our reliable experts are ready to create a new floor plan to ensure smooth functionality throughout your living spaces. 

If that’s not even, we can even upgrade old spaces with our kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovation services. 

Speak to a Heartwood home addition contractor in Seattle online or call (206) 632-0310 today to learn more!

Our Passion for Sustainable Additions

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, what do you think of? Our luscious green forests, timeless architecture, and diverse wildlife. Heartwood Builders is committed to uplifting our rich environmental landscape by building with sustainability in mind. We strive to build healthier homes to raise families and support communities. We use modern technology to draw little water and power compared to the average modern home, which consumes 300 gallons of water and 1,214 watts daily.

Heartwood Builders is proud to utilize new, sustainable, or recycled materials, methods, and technology to ensure that your home will withstand the test of time.

Types of Additions We Build

We offer numerous home additions, including single-story, multi-story, and modular additions. Our Seattle home addition contractors can help you explore your options and choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Common additions include:

  • Bump-outs to expand your home’s footprint
  • Dormers for an additional bathroom or master suite
  • Partial or full second-story additions
  • Kitchen, bedroom, or office additions
  • Basement additions
  • Garage additions and conversions
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Signs You’re in Need of an Addition

An addition can be a big commitment, but our Seattle home addition contractor can reassure you that an addition is a narcissist. If you’re on the fence, some great reasons to get an addition include:

  • Spaces often feel cramped or too small
  • You’ve outgrown your home
  • You need additional privacy from family members
  • Your house no longer fits your lifestyle and/or aesthetic
  • You want to sell your home and want to boost its value

Benefits of Expanding Your Space

If you’re wondering, is it worth it to expand my space? Consider some of these key benefits:

  1. Tailored Spaces: Do you have a hobby that could use its own designated space? Whether it’s a crochet Etsy business or a DIY recording studio, you don’t have to give up much-needed bedroom real estate. A room addition can help serve a dedicated purpose.
  2. Increased Storage: One of the biggest hurdles homeowners face is a lack of storage space. A home addition can offer you the much-needed extra space you desperately crave.
  3. Family and Guest Accommodations: If you have frequent guests, an additional bedroom or multi-functional room can create a cozy atmosphere for those frequent visitors. 
  4. Increased Home Value: If you plan on selling your home down the line, home additions can help increase your home’s value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home additions sustainable? 

The short answer is yes! When considering adding a new addition or building or purchasing a new home, an addition is a more sustainable option, especially when paired with recycled, repurposed, or reclaimed materials. Plus, think about the excess waste that accumulates with each move—the styrofoam packing, boxes, and bubble wrap, you can skip the hassle and add a new space for a fraction of the cost.

How much does an average addition cost in Seattle?

The cost of a home addition depends on its size and complexity. An upscale master suite addition can average between $161,317 and $330,135, while a full second-story addition can cost approximately $500,000. It’s best to consult a home addition builder for an exact estimate.

How much value does a home addition add?

According to the Remodeling 2023 Cost vs. Value report, a mid-range primary suite addition has an average return of about 30% with a $157,855 price tag. However, a wooden deck addition, which costs an average of $17,051, has a return of 50%. If you’re doing a remodel to resell your home, it’s best to look up which additions are the most financially worthwhile by referring to the year’s latest Cost vs. Value report.

What permits do you need to build an addition in Washington?

According to the Government of Seattle, you need a construction addition or alternation permit to build an addition or remodel. Our home addition contractors will ensure your home meets all residential, building, zoning, electrical, land use, environmental, shoreline, and mechanical codes.

How long does it take to build an addition?

The length of a home addition varies depending on its size and complexity. Generally, a full two-story home addition can take 16 to 24 weeks to complete, while a master bedroom or ensuite can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

What circumstances may delay a project?

If a home addition project is delayed, it’s generally due to severe weather, mid-project changes, material availability, or permits. However, we work closely with our clients to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget.

Can home additions be written off as a tax deduction?

Heartwood Builders is not a professional tax agency, so please refer to a tax professional for guidance. However, generally, the government offers tax credits for energy-efficient improvements and home office updates for self-employed individuals.

How big can my addition be?

In Seattle, it all depends on your zoning regulations. Generally, single-family zones cannot exceed 15% for homes under 5,000 square feet or 25% for homes over 5,000 square feet.

Home Addition Contractor in Seattle

At Heartwood Builders, we’re passionate about helping Seattle homeowners find new, innovative ways to maintain their homes for decades. Whether that’s through sustainable building features or a bathroom addition. Home additions add a new breath of life to an existing home. Call our home addition team at (206) 632-0310 today to schedule an appointment or consultation!

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