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Sustainability and Seattle: How Custom Homes Lead The Way

As the climate continues to be altered, the focus on sustainable, carbon-conscious technology grows worldwide. People across the globe are already seeing the effects of climate change, and are trying to change course before it’s too late. 

With Seattle being a city on the water, climate change can have a unique effect on the city, which hasn’t been lost on the government. In fact, Seattle and Washington State are some of the most environmentally friendly places in the nation, and that can be seen daily in the infrastructure and nature surrounding the city. 

As much as Seattle is doing really well compared to other cities, the Emerald City still has a long way to go, and that’s where home builders come in. As a custom home builder, the Heartwood team has spent years pushing the boundaries of the sustainable, eco-friendly home. The further we push the envelope, the more ambitious the average home will be in reducing environmental impact. 

We build every home with the environment, efficiency, and style in mind. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail how we use innovative technologies to keep Seattle green and beautiful. 

Starting From The Ground Up: Considering Location

Long-lasting sustainability starts with location. Planting a home in a vital environmental area is extremely detrimental, regardless of how well-built the home is. For custom home builders with an environmental focus, the question of location is always one of the first that need answering. 

Materials: How We Craft Your Home

After the location is selected, then the real work begins. The materials and methods we use to build the home will dictate just how eco-friendly it turns out to be. Every single aspect of the home has to be deliberately planned out, tested, and workshopped until the final product reaches every goal. 

Insulation, in particular, is a huge focus for any custom home builder. The better the insulation, the less long-term energy use and more savings for the home buyer. For the best results, home builders will often use a mixture of insulation types, like blown and spray foam. Using tests around the house to search for weak points can ensure that the home is sufficiently insulated all around. 

The roof is also a major aspect of monthly energy expenditure/costs. Roofing materials have advanced greatly over the past few decades, especially in energy savings. 

“Cool roofs” deflect more sunlight from the roof than a conventional roof. In some homes, there were upwards of a 40 percent energy use reduction when they switched to one of these cool roofs. We regularly employ these types of roofs, along with technology like solar panels to harness sunlight as power. 

Perhaps one of the most noticeable aspects of our homes is the focus on natural light. We try to orient our homes towards the sun so the home can use as much ambient light as possible, saving a lot of money in energy costs. Not to mention that it simply looks great! 

How Sustainable Homes Change The Industry

As sustainable home builders continue to push the envelope of design, the rest of the homebuilder industry has slowly begun to adopt some practices. Consumers continue to ask for more green and sustainable buildings in the face of our current climate crisis. Homebuilders across the nation, as a result, have begun to adopt many of the practices that builders like Heartwood have done for years. 

Solar panels, ambient light, efficient water usage, and sustainable materials are all elements of sustainable design that have gone mainstream over the years. Not only does this improve the housing industry, but it also improves the health of the people who live in them and the planet that we all stand on.

This shift in philosophy and design makes sustainable living a nationwide focus, instead of being associated with only a few custom homes and buildings. At Heartwood Builders, we’ve understood the significance of keeping our environment clean and healthy, and it is encouraging that many homebuilders are crafting homes with that in mind. 

Our mission is to continue to innovate in sustainability and design. With every home we build, we continue to learn, grow, and appreciate the opportunity we have to keep the Emerald City beautiful and alive. 

Heartwood Builders: Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Living

For a home that focuses on quality, sustainability, and intricate design, Heartwood Builders is Seattle’s best choice. Give us a call today to get started on your new home! 

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