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Summer Interior Design Tips For 2020

It is officially summertime in Seattle, and that means it’s time to switch up your style! As the temperatures rise in the city, homeowners shift their interior design style to match the climate and the summer mood. Now’s the perfect time to explore some new ideas for your home. 

Don’t have any ideas, but want to switch up the style in your home? You’re in luck! In this blog, we’ll discuss some fantastic ways to up your design game this summer season. 

Experiment With New Colors 

Even if you don’t change anything else about your home, a new coat of paint can work wonders for the mood of your space. Certain colors are believed to evoke certain responses in people, so you can pick the colors that you feel match the personality of your design changes. 

A vibrant, full green, bright red, soft blue, and warm oranges are all great colors to try out in your rooms. To make these colors make an even bigger splash, try incorporating neutral and white coloring to add contrast. 

Minimal Design

To match your bold, vibrant new color palette, you may want to invest in some simple, minimalist design. Minimalist design is fantastic for keeping the focus on your accessories, paint schemes, and other aspects of your home. Minimalism doesn’t mean function over form, though. Minimalist design can serve as a punchy accent to your style and personality with its simplicity and grace. 

Natural Elements 

As the greenery flourishes outside, why not bring some of that into your home? A hot trend that can extend into every season is adding plants and greenery to your home. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry about it! Plants like cacti are a great way to start, since they need very little attention and care to thrive. If your cacti do well, then you can upgrade to more exotic plants. 

Copper & Brass 

Another great addition to your summer interior design rework is brass and copper accessories, which can add sophisticated style to just about any room in your home. Brass and copper work so well in any room mainly because they act as an almost neutral addition to your space, acting more as an accent than a standalone accessory. 

Where can brass and copper be used? Just about everywhere! Common spots to use brass and copper include light fixtures, door handles, chairs, bowls, and other small accessories and features. 

Raffia-Style Furniture

Never heard of raffia? Well, it’s becoming a huge design trend, especially in the summer months. Specifically, raffia is a type of palm tree that is native to the tropical regions of Africa and Madagascar, but we’re not expecting you to import a whole tree. 

Instead, you could use raffia-inspired furniture and art to bring a tropical feel to your redesign. Everything from chairs to light fixtures can be found in the raffia style, so you just have to find out which type of addition is right for you. 

Go Back In Time With A Vintage Look  

Not in love with the modern, minimalist look? Not a problem! Going back in time is also a great way to make your home summer-ready. 

One of the best ways to give your home a vintage feel is to look for older furniture sets, potentially from family or friends. If they’re not in the best shape, you could refurbish them and use one of the suggested paints mentioned earlier in the blog. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the summer season is the time spent outdoors. To capitalize on the summer vibes, consider creating or renovating your outdoor space to be more inviting. 

If you aren’t too afraid of bees, creating a luscious flower bed or garden around your outdoor gathering space is a great way to bring natural color and life to your home. Love stories around the campfire but not too fond of camping? You could create your own fire pit to tell campfire stories. The possibilities are endless for outdoor renovations, so feel free to go wild! 

Experiment With A Nautical Theme 

Our last tip is to bring the feeling of Pacific sailing into your home with some nautical themed furniture, art, and accessories. Perhaps a picture of an old boat on the seas, or nautical knickknacks to place on tables and shelves could work. Even if you don’t decide to use nautical accessories, you could always opt for cool blue color schemes, offset with some off-whites, and other refreshing color palettes. 

Choose Heartwood Builders For Your Next Custom Home!

No matter how great your interior design ideas are, you’ll need a great home to bring it all together. Heartwood Builders is the Seattle area’s premier custom home builder, and we’re ready to make the home of your dreams a reality. Give us a call today to get started!

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