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Maximizing Small Spaces: Tips for Remodeling a Compact Kitchen

A compact kitchen can be a challenge if not designed and organized correctly. But, with the help of a kitchen remodel in Seattle, you can transform your small kitchen into an efficient and stylish hub for culinary activity and socialization.

Heartwood Builders, Inc. is Seattle’s custom home builder, focusing on environmental and sustainability materials and features. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped create luxury kitchens of top-notch quality. If you’re in need of assistance with your compact kitchen, contact us online or call (206) 632-0310 to learn more!

Innovative Storage Solutions

In any compact space, storage is key. You want to utilize every nook and cranny with innovative storage solutions. Opt for deep pull-out drawers, vertical cabinets, and shelves that extend to the ceiling during your Seattle kitchen remodel. You may also want to choose customized cabinets over mass-produced ones, as these can be made specifically for your kitchen space. Plus, you can build custom pull-out trays and organizers to maximize your space. 

Space-Saving Appliances

Kitchen appliances help streamline your cooking experience, but when you accumulate too many, your countertops and storage shelves can quickly feel cluttered. Look for slim, counter-depth refrigerators, compact dishwashers, and space-saving microwaves. You may also want to integrate appliances into your cabinetry during your kitchen remodel to create a streamlined look. 

Open Shelving

A simple way to create a sense of openness in your small kitchen is with open shelving. Consider replacing upper cabinets with open shelves during your kitchen remodel to create a more modern look. You can use open shelves to display stylish dishware and kitchen essentials to add a touch of personality. However, this is ideal for those with a more minimalist style, as cluttered shelves can overwhelm a small space.

Strategic Lighting Designs

Maximize natural light by choosing sheer window treatments, incorporating larger windows, or building skylights. You can also install under-cabinet lighting to illuminate work surfaces and create a more spacious feel. Similarly, pendant or recessed lighting can contribute to a visually appealing Seattle kitchen remodel.

Utilize Vertical Space

You want to take advantage of vertical space when working in a small kitchen. You can create additional storage or display cookbooks, decorative mugs, or stylish kitchen appliances. You want to install wall-mounted racks to store pots, pans, and utensils like in professional-grade kitchens. This approach not only adds functionality but also adds a touch of visual interest to your kitchen walls.

Kitchen Remodels in Seattle

When you build with Heartwood Builders, we always begin by asking what your needs and overall vision are for your compact kitchen remodel. Our designers and contractors are skilled and flexible in increasing storage spaces, integrating new appliances, and making many other improvements to kitchens. Call (206) 632-0310 to change the way you cook today!

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