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Custom Home Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Home Design

The world of custom homes is constantly evolving, driven by a fusion of design innovation, lifestyle shifts, and individual preferences. As Seattle homeowners seek to create personalized sanctuaries that best reflect their tastes and needs, certain trends have found themselves rising above the rest.

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Now Trending

Open Concept Floor Plans

The allure of open-concept floor plans in Seattle custom homes continues its reign. This design trend is all about removing barriers between living spaces to create a seamless flow to encourage interaction and natural light. While privacy is a necessity for all, an open-concept plan can be best suited for kitchens, living rooms, or dining areas where entertaining may be a priority.

Soft and Warm Color Palettes

As we’ll later learn, stark white and cold grey interiors are of the past. Today is all about soft, warm, earthy color palettes. These color choices add a touch of coziness and tranquility to custom homes in Seattle, especially for homeowners looking to add a bit of nature themes into their design. These hues create inviting and relaxing environments, making the home a true haven after a long, grueling day of work.

Recreation and Entertainment Spaces

As the lines between work and leisure blur, recreation and entertainment spaces have become focal points in custom homes. Homeowners are dedicating areas of their homes to home theaters, game rooms, or gyms. These spaces can be tailored to personal interests to create an enjoyable and convenient outlet for comfort and enjoyment.

Past Trends

White and Grey Color Palettes

While white and grey interiors once represented minimalism and modernity, they’re now giving way to warmer and more inviting color schemes. The once-popular palettes lack the unique characteristics and individuality that people crave in their custom homes.

Tiled Countertops

Though tiled countertops have been a staple of kitchen design for years, they’ve been gradually replaced by more practical options. For instance, quartz and natural stone countertops. Unlike tiles, stone offers stronger durability and easy maintenance—never mind the enhanced visual appeal—which aligns with the practicality and ease homeowners seek today.

Trends For Your Seattle Custom Home

While trends come and go, choosing the right trends for you is important and should be incorporated into your custom home. At Heartwood Homes, we value cleaning living environments and sustainable building practices because it’s what you and our planet deserve. Contact us online or call (206) 632-0310 today to speak with our Seattle home builders.

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