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7 Great Remodeling Ideas For Your Basement

Remodeling the basement is a great way to add functionality, space, and personality to your home. Unlike with other rooms in the home, a basement remodel has nearly limitless potential and can be an absolute blast to design and build. 

With endless possibilities, though, come tough decisions. Over the years, our team at Heartwood Builders has seen many homeowners agonize over what kind of basement to have made in their home. So, we decided to make a handy list of some popular ideas to get people started. Check out seven wonderful ideas for your basement remodel, from ranging from practical to extravagant! 

1) Home Theater

Okay, maybe we started with an extravagant option. But if your friends and family love to get together and enjoy a good movie, why not consider a home theater? No more worrying about being late for your movie, or stepping on gum and stale popcorn. You could use it for gaming, immersing yourself in the virtual action. Or use the space for watching the big game with friends, seeing every tackle or dunk in great quality. 

With a home theater, you can enjoy sports, shows, or a scary movie from the comfort of your own home. The intimacy of a home theater means you can scream at jump scares or be on your phone without annoying the other moviegoers. 

Well…maybe not the phone part, that may still get on someone’s nerves. 

2) Mini Apartment

With a large enough basement space, a mini-apartment could also be a wonderful option for your home. Every year, more and more people opt to rent out their ADUs, homes, or sections of their homes. Renting out your basement-turned-mini-apartment is just another way to supplement your income. 

The mini-apartment could also double as a guest bedroom for guests. It would represent a nice, contained area for someone to live in, having most of the basics that any apartment would. Having a mini-apartment in the basement would require a large enough basement and special wiring and piping, though, so expect a larger expense.

3) Bar

Everyone knows that going out and drinking also means spending way too much money. Bar drinks are incredibly expensive, assuming you can get a hold of the bartender in the first place. The perfect remedy for this is the home bar. You can make drinks at your leisure, control the environment, and host everyone you want and no one you don’t. 

Home bars are also relatively simple to create compared to other remodeling projects, meaning you can enjoy your favorite drinks without breaking the bank. 

4) Guest Bedroom Space

Have frequent guests but don’t quite have any place for them to be when they arrive? A guest bedroom in the basement could be a fantastic option for you. Family visits can be much more bearable when your loved one has their own space to use. 

Taking care of guests as well as family members can be made much easier with a guest bedroom. Or…if your significant other gets on your nerves, you can banish them to the basement! 

5) Living Room

When people decide to furnish and decorate their basement, it will most likely look much like a living room. Turning the basement into a living room can make the basement a gathering hub for friends and family. A great couch, chair, and color scheme can set the mood of togetherness that ripples throughout the home. 

6) Home Gym

We’ve all had weight to lose, but have had to go to the extremely crowded, smelly, and inconvenient gym. Shedding those few extra pounds and keeping them off can be made much easier when you have the luxury of your very own gym just a few feet from your bedroom. 

With a home gym, you don’t have to wait around for 15 minutes while someone leisurely uses some equipment. You can use the weights or cardio machines you want when you want it. 

7) Work Office

Much like the home gym, a basement work office lets you put in the work you need in the privacy of your own home. Anyone who has pets or children (or both) knows that it can be tough to get private time to get work done. Advance your career from home from the comfort of your home office!

Create Your Perfect Basement With Heartwood

Regardless of your vision for your basement, Heartwood Builders can make it happen. Give us a call to discuss your plans and we can make it a reality! 

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